Supply and Personalization of ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards. Comply to MEPS, Mastercard and Visa. University multipurpose smartcards with banking and university applications. Supply and personalization of other non-banking cards like Micro, Finance, ID, and Loyalty cards. Supply and Personalization of Contactless Card.

Customisation Options

The following card special effects is available:

  • Palladium chip.
  • Visa Premium Logo.
  • Gold/silver metallic.
  • Silkscreen white.
  • Tactile spotUV varnish.
  • Hotstamping.
  • Full face foil rainbow.
  • Visa/MC UV invisible security ink.
  • Colour core.
  • Visa Silhoutte Dove hologram.
  • PLA/PETG materials.

OS, Chips & Platforms

  • Supports MEPS, Visa, Mastercard and UPI payment schemes.

  • Contact and Contactless chip.
  • Infineon, Samsung and Huada chips.
  • All chips comply to ISO 7816 and other standards.

  • No PIN or signature required.
  • Fast fingerprint recognition.
  • Two different fingers can be registered to activate the card.
  • Biometric FAR/FRR is equivalent to a PIN security number protection.
  • No limited amount of money for contactless payment.
  • Non-active card, no battery required for transactions.