About Us

Modularsoft Sdn Bhd and Asia Smart Cards Centre (M) Sdn Bhd (Personalization centre) is 100% owned by Hengbao International Pte.Ltd.(HBI), the parent company listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange(stock code: 002104). Hengbao is an international renowned smartcard manufacturer and one of the Top 5 manufacturers in China and it is a R&D company specializing in ICC technology and applications development. We pioneer in personalization service (certified to produce Proton e Purse for PMPC) and certified by VISA, Mastercard & Paynet. This can be proven by track records with more than 70 million smartcards personalized for customers in Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam India and Pakistan.

Who We Are

Supply and Personalization of ATM, Debit, and Credit Cards. Comply to MEPS, Mastercard and Visa. University multipurpose smartcards with banking and university applications. Supply and personalization of other non-banking cards like Micro, Finance, ID, and Loyalty cards. Supply and Personalization of Contactless Card. Card Management System, Debt Colllection System, Mobile Debt Collection System, Access Control System, Loyalty Management System, Secure e-Commerce System, Remittance System.