EH0218 Smart Cards Handheld Terminal

Widely used in government, one-in-card, supply chain management, electronic wallet and membership consumption.

  • Micro Processor

    32-bit CPU

  • Display

    128x64 dot, EL backlight, 8x4 lines Chinese characters (16x8 lines western characters), and one-line icons

  • Memory

    FLASH MEMORY: 16Mbit (can be extended to 64Mbit); DRAM: 16Mbit.

  • IC Card Interface

    1 standard (8 pins full function) IC card interface, 1(8 pins full functions) SAM card socket (optional), compatible with card accord with T=0/T=1 protocol.

  • Standard

    Support contact smart cards in accordance with ISO7816 and Support contact less smart card in accordance with ISO14443 type A/B, such as Mifare series.